should, shouldn’t, can, can’t.

  1. Library

Should                  : we should restore the book that we have borrowed at library.

Shouldn’t            : if we go to library, we shouldn’t speak loud, because it’s disturbing others.

Can                        : if you want to add a reference to a research, you can come to the library.

Can’t                     : i can’t go to the library right now, so i open the e-library that can be accessed online any time.


  1. Museum

Should                  : we should take care and promote of the museum well .

Shouldn’t            : as visitors, we shouldn’t take anything that belongs to museum.

Can                        : i can see a lot of historical objects in every single Museum.

Can’t                     : i can’t let the museum damaged by unresponsible people.

  1. Park

Should                  : i think we should take time to gather this afternoon at campus park to discussing about task.

Shouldn’t            : you shouldn’t let your sister playing alone in the park because it may be dangerous.

Can                        : you can play with your brother in the park everyday.

Can’t                     : I can’t find your stuff that lost in this park without my glasses.


  1. Restaurant

Should                  : this restaurant has a lot of good food, you should try it.

Shouldn’t            : you shouldn’t make noise when you are in the restaurant.

Can                        : you can get a special gift if you come to this restaurant and bring your 10 friend at your birthday.

Can’t                     : you can’t order food that is not supplied or out off stock at this restaurant.


  1. Mall

Should                  : cleaning service should make this mall always clean to make visitors comfortable when shopping.

Shouldn’t            : you shouldn’t spent all of your time and money for buying some stuff at this mall just because discount.

Can                        : can you help me looking for my earrings that fell in the food court of this mall?

Can’t                     : the man can’t shop like the woman do. It happen a lot.


Ps : sorry for my bad grammar 😀



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