self introduction

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself. My name is Ines Yustika Fatimah. You can call me Ines. I was born in Jakarta, September 29th 1992. It was a long time, right?. I live in jakarta, you can ask me the address if you want but I don’t wanna share for everybody hehehe. I have one older brother and one younger sister, they are handsome and cute. I have an amazing parents who loves their children and we absolutely love them too.

I’m studying in Gunadarma University, take management class. I take that because I love managed things in my home, than I think why I didn’t manage people on the company or something like that in the future? Maybe I can manage the others in the future if I take the management class.

I’m a music lover, I listen almost every kind of music such as acoustic, pop, rock, country, etc. but I listen the Indonesian music very rare. I love Taylor Swift from America, Bastille From Europe, Lunafly from Asia, and Cody Simpson from Australia. I love eat too 😀 I’ll be super happy if someone take me to eat. But i’m not a vegetarian. My mom and I love shopping, if I have a free day, we spent time together for shopping in Jakarta or Bogor. Sometimes, i go to Bandung for traveling and shopping with family if we have free time together or when long-weekend come.

I hope someday I can travel around the world. Tasted the other country’s food, and explore the city. I definitely want to go to Korea, Japan, America, Paris, UK, Singapore and Australia. Maybe I can honeymoon on one of that country, amin 😀

That’s a little of me. I hope you enjoy reading that, because my grammar isn’t good. Thanks for your attention.


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