exercise 4


  1. My Aunt prefer milk to tea
  2. My Brother prefer eating meatball to(eating)noodle
  3. My Sister prefer reading book to(reading)newspaper
  4. My Mother prefer cooking cake to(cooking)rise
  5. My Father prefer coffe to milk


  1. My father like rise better than bread
  2. My Mother like cooking cake better than washing clothes
  3. My Uncle like watching tv better than reading newspaper
  4. My Aunt like shopping clothes better than watching tv
  5. My brother like playing football better than reading book


  1. My Uncle would rather milk than tea
  2. My Aunt would rather batagor than meatball
  3. My Sister would rather go to shopping than stay in house
  4. My Brother would rather noodle than bread
  5. My father would rather stay in house than go to out

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